Bread Brain

About Us

Formed in 2017 and currently consisting of one member, Bread Brain is an independent game company based in Hertfordshire, England.

We are currently in the process of developing our first game, FLOOF for PC and Mobile platforms with a planned PC release date of 2018 Q4.

We are also in the process of developing an in-house 3D game engine codenamed 'exengine' for use in future projects. The game engine is publicly available in its alpha state here.


FLOOF (working title) is a casual, open-ended game about a blob with the ability to deform and stretch at will. Utilizing these abilities you will guide your ball of goo through a series of physics-filled worlds, each with their own unique quirks and puzzles.

Unlike other games, FLOOF takes a very casual approach to progression. Right out of the gate you have access to all of the games worlds and levels. Upon exploring and completing these areas you will unlock various items and assets, which can be used to achieve various tasks in your home world.

Dislike playing alone? Fear not! You can play through the entirety of FLOOF with a partner in local COOP, giving you access to hidden items and locations previously inaccessible to you alone.

You can also play with up to 4 friends locally through various party modes and fun challenges, including competitive game modes for the less casual gamers!

FLOOF also features a "sandbox" mode, where you can build your own levels with the items you find along your travels. You can even bring along a friend and create together!

There are even plans for a level-sharing feature, so you can browse and play other peoples creations, and share your own.

The game is in active-development and is aiming for release in 2018 on the PC platform, while the mobile ports expect to be released much earlier.

We need your support! Consider becoming a Patreon and supporting us while we continue to develop the game for exclusive content, behind the scenes footage and early demos!